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We offer a contract for our new puppy families to ensure that the adoption is fair and the babies have a quality home for years to come.

Date of Sale:_____ Age of pup upon sale:____  Breed: GREAT DANE     Gender: Date of Birth: _____ Color: ____ Distinctive Markings: ____ Microchip Number: _____ AKC Registration #___________________________ AKC Registration Name: ___ Nickname: _____ Vet Check: __ 1st Shots: ____ 2nd Shots Due:___  Dam: Ambrosia Vom Triangle K Ranch   Sire: King Persus Von Triangle K Ranch  Breeder: Triangle K Ranch (Corey & Shelly Kuhne) (hereby be referred to as “Breeder” or “Seller”) Buyer: Purchase Price: $1200.00 for  Black pups $1500.00 for Blue (porcelain) Merle pups and $2500 for Blue (porcelain) Harlequin Prices  Dependant on color (Deposit of $200.00/300.00 received; Balance Due $1000.00/$1200/$2200.00)

Registration: Show Prospect with Full Registration Companion with Limited Registration SPECIAL TERMS: BREEDING This puppy is registered with a limited registration, which will prohibit breeding and registering offspring. (The buyer agrees this male puppy is to be neutered or female puppy is to be spayed at the appropriate age, and veterinarian confirmation of this procedure must be supplied to the breeder.) Some considerations will be made for full registration with breeding privledges.

PURCHASE AGREEMENT 1. REGISTERING THE DOG A) FULL & LIMITED REGISTRATIONS WITH THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB *Show Prospects with Full Registration: Only a few pups are carefully selected to have the honor of carrying full pedigrees. These dogs are warranted to be free from health or conformation “faults” that would prevent them from finishing to an American Championship from the American Kennel Club. They are guaranteed to be “finishable” by a professional handler, a breeder handler, or an experienced handler. The health warranty is extended to 24 months rather than the standard 12 month warranty. *Companion with Limited Registration: The pups with limited registration are true AKC registered dogs that can compete in many AKC licensed or member events and shows. These pups are just not allowed to produce registered offspring. For more specific information regarding limits and opportunities for dogs with a limited registration visit the AKC website. (reproductive capabilities not included in health warranty.)

The health warranty is the standard 12 month warranty. With the exception to hips they are under a 25 month warranty.

2. ENVIRONMENT A) SHELTER AND CONTAINMENT The puppy purchased by the buyer is to live “indoors” as part of the family. Indoors is defined by a building that has electricity, water, and heating/air conditioning. Dogs are not to be kept tied up outdoors nor are they to be allowed to run at large, becoming a nuisance to its community. We recommend a fence of at least 5 feet. An invisible fence is NOT an acceptable type of containment. B) TRAINING AND TEMPERMENT Dogs are not to be kept as guard dogs or trained in protection or defense of any kind. If we discover this clause has been violated, we will reclaim the dog and no refunds will be due of any kind. Additionally, we will seek reimbursement for our expenses in reclaiming the dog. This ensures that our dogs will maintain the temperament we so diligently strive to breed. C) PROPER FLOORING Linoleum, wood, and other slippery floors: Because these surfaces may cause damage to joints and tissues of the pup, we do not warrant growth disorders such as OCD (Osteochondritis Dissicens) in which the environment plays a role. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that any dog raised in this environment is protected from potential injury or accident. Because Hip Dysplasia may also be genetic, we do cover HD in our health warranty provided documentation can show that environment has not contributed to the condition.

3. HEALTH WARRANTY A) FIRST WEEK This puppy is sold as a quality representative of its breed. This animal is guaranteed to be healthy and free of communicable disease as appears to the eye and of sound temperament upon leaving Triangle K Ranch. It is recommended that the buyer have the dog examined by a veterinarian within a week of its purchase. A refund (minus deposit) will be given for any puppy found to be unsatisfactory during the first full seven days after receipt of the puppy. During this seven days, a  refund (minus deposit) will also be given should the new buyer decide the puppy is not integrating into the household to the buyer’s expectations. This clause is conditional upon the return of the puppy in the exact condition as it was upon leaving Triangle K Ranch. B) GENETIC DISEASE HIP DYSPLASIA, VON WILLEBRANDS DISEASE, CARDIOMYOPATHY, AND HYPOTHYROIDISM. These conditions are covered under the Breeder’s Health Warranty or the first 12 months of the puppy’s life and expires on the first day of the thirteenth month of the puppy’s life. OPTIONS: Should any of the above conditions be found, the buyer has the following two options: a) KEEP THE PUPPY and receive a 30% Refund to assist with the medical expenses associated with the disease. Upon proof of the condition, the buyer will receive their refund unless the treatment or surgical procedure risks the life of the dog. If the dog is left unaltered, the buyer agrees that the animal will never be bred. Should an accidental breeding take place with this animal, the buyer will return the 30% refunded back to the breeder AND DONATE $50.00 PER LIVE PUPPY to the Canine Health Foundation for research into the specific illness with which the animal in question has been diagnosed. b) RETURN THE PUPPY and receive an 80% Refund. The buyer will be responsible for returning the puppy in a safe condition, and will return the puppy in its current state unless agreed upon by the breeder. C) FOOD The puppy will be fed a premium food for its entire life. A starter bag will be provided upon sale. Feed a LARGE BREED PUPPY FORMULA for the FIRST TWO YEARS. It is critical the puppy does not grow too fast as this can be very harmful to their healthy joint formation. Foods specially formulated for large breeds help ensure this growth rate is maintained. D) MEDICAL CARE The buyer, at his own expense, will provide necessary medical care to ensure the puppy’s well-being throughout its life. This includes HEARTWORM PREVENTION on a regular basis (usually monthly) in any area of the United States. E) EXERCISE AND ATHLETIC CONDITIONING The buyer recognizes the special growth needs of the Great Dane and agrees to abide by the breeder’s instructions for conditioning the animal at an appropriate pace and after the animal is 24 months of age. Specifically, the buyer is aware that since Great Danes are a giant breed of canine, that excessive or forced exercise on a pup of less than 24 months could be harmful to the puppy’s growth and cause serious, lifelong injuries (Hip Dysplasia, Cruciate or Patella injuries, Osteochondritis Dissicens, Cardiomyopathy, etc..) Hard surfaces such as pavement or concrete may also cause injury to feet. Any forced or induced exercise has the potential to be a strain on the cardiovascular system as well, and it is recommended that the animal be examined by a cardiologist biannually during athletic training. Extreme or forced exercise is defined as “any exercise in which the animal does not have free will to stop exercising (including but not limited to running alongside a bike, car, or person, treadmill exercise, obstacle jumping, flyball, agility, or Frisbee).” The buyer additionally agrees to ensure the puppy gets adequate exercise on a daily basis (walking on a lead or being allowed in a fenced yard to stretch or eliminate). F) TRAINING Because of the giant nature of the Great Dane breed, we recommend that the buyer take the puppy to an obedience class before the age of 6 months old so that the buyers know how to properly control the dog once it becomes an adult. G) SUPPLEMENTS The breeder will advise the buyer on appropriate supplements for the dog. IMPORTANT: THE BUYER AGREES NOT TO SUPPLEMENT THE DOG WITH CALCIUM EVEN UPON THE ADVICE OF A VETERINARIAN UNLESS SPECIFICALLY DISCUSSED WITH THE BREEDER PRIOR TO SUPPLEMENTATION. CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTATION WILL VOID THE HEALTH WARRANTY AS IT HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE DETRIMENTAL DURING CRUCIAL GROWTH STAGES! H) HIP DYSPLASIA An animal who has not been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia by a veterinarian but who has been denied certification by the OFA due to substandard hips is to have new films resubmitted to the OFA between six to eight months after original films were submitted to receive a refund. I) OTHER CONDITIONS The warranty does not cover conditions in which nutrition and environmental issues play a part, including but not limited to Hypertrophic Osteodystrophife Panosteoitis, Wobblers Syndrome, and Osteochondritis Dissicans. J) EUTHANASIA There will be NO REFUND should a puppy be euthanized for any condition without expressed written consent from the breeder prior to the event. K) DOCUMENTATION The breeder has taken every effort to educate and inform the buyer on how to properly raise a Great Dane. The breeder makes himself/herself available for the life of the dog to assist with questions and guidance in relation to health issues. The buyer agrees to keep receipts of dog food, to document environment and stages of illness, and to provide documentation from a veterinarian regarding any conditions that arise with the puppy.

4. WHAT WILL VOID THE WARRANTY IN SUMMARY OF, AND IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE CONDITIONS 1) Feeding CALCIUM or VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS even if recommended by a vet!  The puppy may receive a daily  probiotic (daily greens or FastTrack), Cosequin, glucosamine, or MSM is acceptabal a joint supplement. 2) Allowing the animal to run on slippery surfaces (linoleum, wood flooring, etc…). 3) Exercising the dog beyond its capabilities (forced exercise) before 24 months. 4) Feeding the dog food other than what is discussed between breeder and buyer. 5) Missing feeding schedules. 6) Refunds will not be given in any case where a veterinarian determines that phyinattention, poor husbandry, or lack of appropriate veterinary care contributed significantly to the problem for which a refund is being sought.

 5. BUYER’S RIGHT TO RETURN THE DOG The buyer has the right to return the dog to the breeder at any time during the life of the dog. There will be no refunds past the initial seven days after the purchase for returning the dog simply because the animal and the buyer’s relationship is no longer compatible or other reasons unassociated with what is covered in the health warranty. If the puppy ever needs to be re-homed, the buyer will return the animal to the breeder at the buyer’s expense and will never turn the animal to an animal shelter or rescue. Triangle K Ranch does not “buy back” its own puppies. Should the buyer know of a qualified home to take the puppy, the buyer will contact the breeder who will then contact the prospective new home and make the final decision. The new home will need to agree to health and safety conditions in a contract form. The breeder has endeavored to protect the breed and dogs from improper ownership and treatment. If the buyer improperly surrenders the puppy to another party, the buyer will pay liquidated damages to breeder of $1000.00 which will be given to an appropriate rescue or health foundation after expenses are deducted. If the dog is resold by the breeder after the animal is returned, any veterinarian fees and/or boarding costs will be deducted and the remainder of any monies will be forwarded to the previous buyer. It should be noted that most animals are “placed” into second homes with no monies exchanged. During the life of the puppy, buyer and breeder agree to notify each other, within 30 days, of any changes of address or phone numbers.

6. BREEDER’S RIGHT TO RECLAIM THE DOG The breeder will have the right to reclaim the dog should the buyer be found guilty in a court of law OR by a bench committee of the AKC of animal abuse, cruelty, neglect, or participating in any aspect of animal fighting with or without the puppy in question. Additionally, the breeder has the right to reclaim the dog should the dog be found to be a public nuisance, chained or tied outside in a yard, or left without food and/or shelter. Any fees incurred by the breeder to reclaim the dog (including court costs and legal fees) will be the responsibility of the buyer.

7. THE BUYER AGREES TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: A. The buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as or in part of an agent in the purchase of this puppy and that the buyer will not sell this puppy or any of its’ progeny to any agent or pet store. B. The buyer agrees that the breeder shall not be held responsible for acts of puppy. C. The buyer agrees that the breeder shall have the right to enforce provisions of this contract in a court of law or through alternative dispute mediation. If legal action by the breeder is necessary to enforce any provision, the buyer will pay for costs and attorney fees incurred by the breeder. COLORADO STATE LAWS APPLY SIGNED:_____________________________________________ Buyer DATE: ________ SIGNED:_____________________________________________ Breeder DATE: _________________________ SIGNED:_____________________________________________ Witness DATE: _________________________ Breeder: Triangle K Ranch (Corey & Michelle (Shelly) Kuhne) 7876 WCR 100 Wellington, CO 80549-(970) 217-2047 trianglekranch@gmail.com trianglekranchgreatdanes.com

AKC has tons of helpful hints to assist you with your Dane