Puppies from the past

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Gone but not forgotten

We have kept in touch with many puppy owners over the years and I absolutly love hearing about puppies that have grown. We also share in the heartbreak when one of our babies moves on to wait for us all.


Sisters and Brother 1 year


Lilly in Loving memory 2014


Cassie's kids


Mini and buddy

Barron 5 wks


Mini 2 yrs

Cache 9 months

Ivan 7 months

Luna 8 months

Thor and Drom 8 1/2 months

Beaux in loving memory 11/2002 to 8/2011


Zoey Bell in Loving Memory 2011

Barron 3 1/2 yrs

Aurora my love 2004-2013

Sweet Rhea 2004-2014

Lancelot and his mom

Our loving King Cepheus 2001-2013


Duece a Wyoming boy now

Duchess In loving memory 2014

Daisy flying by

Thank you Orthopets for giving my Aurora her bunny chasing for the last year of her life!

Daisy in Loving Memory 2014

Butterfly Poppy

Poppy and her loving mommy!!


Lulu Service dog in training